This antioxident rich facial serum is full of skin nourishing and repairing compounds. You only need 2-3 drops per application as a little goes a long way. Each drop is full of vitimin A, E, C and other active ingredients. A beautiful sensual scent adorns your skin, with sexy musky notes of rose wood, exotic sweet floral notes from jasmine, royal rose codes from rose absolute, the queen of oils, Frankincense bringing in aromatic, musty pine with notes of citrus and spice, lavender balancing and embracing, and wild orange uplifting.

   I was inspired to make this after seeing many retinol products on the market and wanting to make something naturally high in vitimin A. This is wonderful for repairing skin, scar healing, brightening, moisturising and enlivening your skin. High quality botanical skin food.



Rejuvenating Facial Serum

  • Ingredients:

    Cold pressed camellia (white tea) oil, cold pressed sea buckthorn oil, Vitimin E oil, Egyptian jasmine absolute, frankincense, rosewood, lavender, rose absolute and wild orange.