This healing womb pack comes with all you need to treat your body to a set of 5 clay womb pack treatments! Womb clay packs can be used for healing, detoxification, fertility, unblocking stagnant energies, increasing blood supply, toning, purification, releasing emotional heaviness and providing relaxation and ease. The clay and herbal blend (delicious herbs from my garden to love you up!) can be used for and around your moontime, as well as for postpartum healing and the menopause.  


This bundle of goodness also comes with a 15ml pot of Shakti Moontime CBD (see shakti moontime in product section) and a massage audio guide (sent to your email or via whatsap upon your request) for a post clay womb treatment massage, to nourish your reproductive system and your overall well being. 

Clay Womb Healing Pack with Shaki Moontime CBD Butter