My gift to you...


I created this massage guide to support you in relaxing and connecting to your abdominal area/hara*. We store so much here and droping into connection with this space has many benefits physically, emotionally and energetically.

   It is important you listen to your intuition when massaging, doing only what feels right to you.  You have the greatest authority over your own wellbeing and insight into what is going on within. Your body is constantly sending you messages. Massage can be a beautiful way to connect with these messages and fast track insight-awareness and healing.

Note that if you have the contraceptive coil fitted, do not apply firm pressure on the lower abdomen. 


  My wish is that this practise supports you in connecting with yourself. It goes very well with the Shakti Moontime CBD Butter :) 


*The hara is our belly space, a centre of great power, sensitivity and wisdom.



Not suitable for pregnancy.

15 minute free audio: Abdominal/Hara Massage